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These are things that make me smile.

Bridal brunch decor. #ohjoyfortarget


Gucci Taps Charlotte Casiraghi for Cosmetics Line

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The line will include eye, face, lip, nail and skin preparation products, according to P&G Prestige, which has had a licensing agreement with Gucci since 2006 and produced hit fragrances such as Gucci Guilty and Gucci Première.  For More

We trammin’ #palmsprings

#winning (at Bachelorette Pad)


@hamlin_the_frenchie is the second most popular Frenchie in Chicago

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Releasing expectation is a hard lesson to learn but one that makes life so very exciting. #live #alive

Today’s Amazon shipment accurately depicts my life at the moment. Living at the cross section of Princess Wands, Entertainment + Technology. #toysforall #surprise #fireTV @mochipark

Dbug’s first nighttime visit. #wereinforit (at Main Street, U.S.A.)

Let’s hear it for love! #onelove #marriageequality

Come away with me.. #dtla #latergram

Moth·er·hood. Proud, blessed, inspired, empowered, consumed. And today..spoiled. Thank you to my Dbug & @mochipark. Lots of love to all the mamas! #timefordumplings #happymothersday (at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House #1)

Tumeric + Spinach + Red Cabbage + Brown Eggs = some very lightly tinted Easter eggs that are safe to lick. Happy Easter, friends!